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TennisLink - To Record Scores for a Match

Sign on to TennisLink at
(You may also get to TennisLink at,,

Move cursor to Leagues under TennisLink and click.

Enter captain or co-captain  USTA# under Captains and Coordinators, move cursor to GO and click.
If requested, verify/change your email address and click “Continue”.

To Record Scores for A Match:

Under League Players, League Play, move cursor to Record A Score and click.

Enter both the captain USTA# and the match # and click “Next”.

If the match # and teams are correct, click “Next”.  (Note you may also print a blank scorecard)

Type in the date the match was played, i.e. 03/01/2004.  Note that the slashes dividing day, month, and year may appear automatically.

Use the pull down menu at each position to display team players and click on the name of the person playing that position.
Click on the winner underneath the name, then record the scores.
Your scorecard looks exactly like the screen with the home team on the left and the visiting team on the right.
“Completed” means a normally finished match.  
 “Retired” refers to an injury or something that stops the match after it has begun but before it is completed.
 “Default “is a forfeit.
 A “Double default” occurs when the opposing team wasn’t present to receive the forfeit. 
“Timed match,” means that certain amount of time has been allowed for the match and once that is over the match ends.

If this screen is correct, click “Next”.

Double-check your entries, if accurate click “Finish”.
If incorrect, click “Re-enter” and make changes.