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Team captains should be chosen from the members of the team or club and should be familiar with the structure and procedure of their league, its rules and guidelines as well as the USA, STA, and SCTA League Regulations, the Rules of Tennis, and codes of conduct and dress.


  • Attending all meetings regarding the local league season, specifically UPTA League Tennis Captains Meetings.
  • Assisting, if necessary, in the recruitment of players and alternates necessary to complete the season without any forfeits.
  • Ensuring that all players meet eligibility requirements of age and adult USTA membership and that their NTRP ratings are valid.
  • Enter scorecard on Tennis Link within 24 hours.
  • Collecting all fees associated with participation in the UPTA League Tennis program.  The team captain must make sure that each new and renewing USTA member calls 1-800-990-USTA to join or renew with a credit card on line.
  • Making available all materials necessary for a team member's participation in the program.  These materials include:  schedule of play, USA League Tennis Regulations, sectional, state and local league rules, Rules of Tennis and a list of all team members telephone numbers.
  • Arranging home matches (includes reserving courts for specified time and date each week throughout the season) and contacting opposing team captains to confirm date and time (also rain plans) of match at least three days prior to the match.
  • Arranging make-up matches for any matches that were postponed or delayed due to weather.
  • Have Line-up card prepared(filled out) to exchange with visiting captain prior to the 9:15 a.m. warmup time.
  • Acting as team spokesperson or appointing a team member to become acting captain in your absence.
  • Organizing all materials necessary for their team's participation at the championship level.


  • Make sure your NTRP rating is valid.
  • Keep your USTA membership current.
  • Be committed to the team by being willing to play the entire season.  Do not stop playing because you feel your team has no chance of winning.
  • Let your captain know before the season begins your vacation dates and other times that you will not be able to play.  Consider the sectional and national play-off dates.
  • Be on time always.
  • Be supportive of your teammates.  BE FAMILIAR WITH USTA RULES.
  • Remember the main objective of the League program is fun.