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TennisLink - Registering your Team

Registering Your Team- Creating a New Team

Sign on to TennisLink at
Move cursor to TennisLink and click.
Enter your USTA# under Captains and Coordinators on the right side of the page, move cursor to GO and click.

Under League Players, League Play move cursor to Create a Team On-line and click.

Section   USTA/SOUTHERN displays.
District/Area  SOUTH CAROLINA displays.
For Area  Click on -Select SubArea-  down arrow, move cursor to
For League  Click on -Select League- down arrow; move cursor to
“Adult”, “Senior”, “Combo Super Senior”,”Combo Adult”,                              “Combo Senior”, “Singles”, or “Super Senior”.
For Flight  Click on -Select Flight- down arrow, move cursor to either
   2.5 Women, 3.0 Women 3.5 Women, or 4.0 Women or.
   (Combo 5.0, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5) and click on “Go”.
For Team Name Enter 4 or 5 letter Team Code and Team Name.
Team Code for Adult – “U” followed by the Captain’s first name initial and first two letters of last name.
Team Code for Senior – “UZ” followed by the first initial of the captain’s first and last name.
Team Code for Combo Super Senior – “UCX” followed by first initial of captain’s first and last name.
For Home Courts Click on down arrow.
   If your club name displays, move cursor to your club and click.
   If your club name does not display, click on OTHER FACILITY.
   Under FACILITY NAME enter club name and click SEARCH.
   Place cursor on your club name (verify address) and click.
   Your club name should now appear in HOME COURTS.
If all of the information is correct, move cursor to Create Team and click.
Under STEP 1, your team number should now appear beside your USTA#.
Please write down your team number!
    Captain should have the Yes box checked. Enter your telephone number (optional).
    You are now ready to begin entering your team members on lines 2-5.
    Co-Captain should be entered on line 2.
    Enter their USTA#, team number, and telephone number (optional).
    (If the Team Number Autofill box is checked, just click on the team number box and
    the team number will automatically be entered.)
    For your co-captain only, please remember to move cursor to yes for captain and click.
    After you have entered 4 players, move cursor to Add More Players
    and click.  Continue until all players are entered.
    When your roster is finished move cursor to NEXT and click.
    Verify information is correct for each player.
    Enter credit card information:
 Number, Type, Expiration Month and Year, and Zip Code.
    Verify $23 fee, $3 of which is a nonrefundable tennislink fee.
    If all the information is correct, move cursor to Continue and click.
    Wait until you receive your confirmation.  Print confirmation page.
    Your team is now registered.  Use Stats and Standings to print team rosters.